Heavy Duty

We sell our heavy duty peg racks by the inch with giant Shaker pegs evenly spaced every six inches. It is the strongest peg rack on the market.

The 5 1/2” high peg racks are made from poplar.  The maple pegs are 4-5/8" long with a 1-1/4" diameter head.  Large and strong!

Our heavy duty peg rack and peg rack shelf is strong enough for:

          - Snowmobile suits & helmets         - Motorcycle leathers & helmets
          - Heavy book bags and backpacks    - Equestrian tack
          - Commercial use in restaurants, taverns, rental cottages, motels, B+B's

56 milk paint colors, which are especially nice when distressed, all protected with a satin poly top coat.

And we now offer ALL 3,645 Benjamin Moore paint colors too!